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Mycelium plugs spawn
Blue Oyster mushroom plugs spawn

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Blue oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) plugs spawn made from hardwood dowels. Each bag contains 50 plugs. Plugs were made in March 2024 with fresh mycelium on rye grain (Biological food grade). Mushrooms are propagated in an in-house sanitary environment using proper tools and protocols. Plug spawns make growing mushrooms at home easy and affordable.

  • Dowels are 35 mm X 8 mm (grooved hardwood)
  • 50 dowels are enough for two 4 feet long logs

**To prevent contamination, keep the bags closed until you are ready to use the plugs. Put the bag in the fridge for conservation. Use plugs within 6 months of purchase.

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Blue mushroom oysters, scientifically known as Pleurotus ostreatus var. columbinus, are a strikingly beautiful variation of the common oyster mushroom. Their caps exhibit captivating shades of blue, ranging from pale azure to deep indigo, contrasting elegantly with their creamy white stems. These gourmet fungi possess a delicate, savory flavor reminiscent of traditional oyster mushrooms, with subtle earthy notes and a tender texture. Cultivated primarily for culinary purposes, blue mushroom oysters add both visual appeal and delightful taste to a variety of dishes, making them a prized ingredient for chefs and food enthusiasts alike.

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