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Do you know mushroom plugs spawn?

Mushroom plugs spawn is a method of cultivating mushrooms on logs or stumps. This technique involves using small wooden dowels, known as plugs, that have been inoculated with mushroom mycelium. Plugs made from hardwood dowels (maple), which provide a stable and nutrient-rich environment for the mushroom mycelium to grow.

The mycelium is the vegetative part of the fungus, consisting of a network of fine white filaments. The mycelium is what colonizes the plugs and eventually the log or stump.The wax is used to seal the plugs after they are inserted into the wood, protecting the mycelium from contamination and drying out.

Mushroom plug spawn offers a versatile and accessible way to cultivate mushrooms at home, providing both an educational experience and a practical means of growing edible fungi.